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UGW Release Date on Play Store India 2023

The (Underworld Gang War) UGW Release Date is about to announce by Mahem Studios but the game is about to release in 2023. There is no fixed official Release Date but I assume that UGW is about to Release on Diwali occasion 2023 which is 10th Nov 2023.

Many other unofficial social channels and websites may have claimed a confirmed Release date for the UGW game but that’s not true. Because there is no official confirmation about this game’s release on the play store in India.

How to get Notified on UGW Release Date?

There are multiple ways by which you can get notified when the UGW Game is released. The best way is to subscribe to our notification.

Another way is to Pre-register for the UGW Game on Google Play Store, if you do so you will be notified once the game is released. And Also, if you Pre-register now you will get a bonus when the game is released.

UGW Pre-Register on Google Play Store

How to Download UGW Game if it’s Released?

I hope the UGW Game is released soon because I am eagerly waiting to download and Play the game too.

Here you can visit UGW Apk Download Link and proceed to enjoy the Gameplay.

Game Name(UGW) Underworld Gang War
DeveloperMayHem Studios
Release Date10th Nov 2023
CategoryBattle Royale
CountryIndia origin
Download LinkClick Here

How to Confirm UGW Game Launch Date?

I know there are a lot of fake sources online sharing different dates for UGW Game Launch. And I am not even 100% sure that UGW Game will be released this Diwali 2023.

But the perfect way to get the confirmed Release date or UGW Game news updates is to follow Mayhem Studios on their social platforms.

I am sharing here a few official Links where you can follow Mayhem studio and stay updated about UGW’s upcoming updates and Launch Date in India.


UGW is the only battle royale game that is competing with PUBG Mobile and other Battle Royale Games. The important part is that UGW is an Indian-made game for Indian players. I am eagerly waiting to see how this game is going to perform, anyway but I will definitely support this game.

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