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Download The UGW APK - A Battle Royale Rooted in India

UGW APK Download

The UGW (Underworld Gang War) Apk is a newly designed Battle Royale Game that is rooted in India by the Indians for the Indians. You can download the UGW APK using the button below.

UGW or Underworld Gang War is the same Battle Royale Game as PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, and Free Fire but the major difference is you will see Indian Places, maps, Weapons, and Characters in UGW Game. The Main Theme of UGW Gameplay is based on Local boys fighting against Don Boris to save their area; now it’s up to you which side you want to choose.

UGW Game Theme and About the Game:

UGW Characters and Mission

Game Theme

UGW Is a Battle royale Game just like other Games eg. PUBG, BGMI, and Free Fire.

UGW is a Made in India Game

Made in India

The Game Principles are totally based on the Indian Map and Locality, UGW Focus on using Indian characters, weapons, vehicles, and Locations.

UGW Gameplay

Gameplay and Items

You will see, a Gangwar-type Gameplay between two main characters “Tyagi & Boris” here on the Map of Dhantara along with Indian rides like Horses, Bikes, and Trucks.

More About the Character and Map in UGW Game:

UGW Tyagi Don

About Tyagi

Tyagi is a Local DON (Gundda) who calls himself “SARDAR or Bhokali” which is a typical Hindi Gundda in this Underworld Gang Wars Game. You can choose the character to play as Tyagi

Bhokal Toli will do anything for their Leader – Tyagi

About Boris

Meet Boris: Leader of Velvet Gang,
Basically, Borris is kind of a Mafia who has a powerful impact beyond the river away from Bhokal Toli.

UGW Boris Mafia
Dhantara the UGW Map

About the Map Dhantara

The Dhantara Location is kind of center between the Bhokal Toli and the Velved Gang

Choose your Toli/Gang Accordingly and we will meet you soon in the Dhantara with a Battle between Tyagi Team and Boris Gang.

Major Areas Unlocked:
1. Station: An Abandoned Railway Station.
2. Slums: Slums “Zopadpatti” Area with Abandon Houces
3. Ghat: A spot curve near the river opposite apartments.
4. Appartments: These are buildings situated at the center of the Map opposite Ghat.
5. Fort: The next station after you cross Apartments from Ghat is this Fort.
6. Coal Mine: Coal Mine is next spot to Fort it is also an abandoned place.
7. Race Course: This is the bottom right corner place of the map near the Docks.
8. Docks: Docks are the best place to camp and hide, from here you can spectate on the race course and Ghat.

Pre-Registration Gifts

Yes, You can Pre-Register now and win a welcome gift from UGW Game Developers. If you Pre-Register now then you will get these exciting welcome gifts as below.

The Retro Don Skin – It Represents the Local Gundda Tyagi in UGW
Suit of Savage Skin – It Represents the Local Mafia don Boris.

The Hunter Green Star Bike, Graffiti Hammer Skin, Mulberry Gun Skin.


UGW Pre-Registration Bundle Gift
UGW Apk Weapons Unlocked Download Now

UGW Weapons Unlocked Play Now!

Till Now two most important Weapons have been revealed by Mahem Studios for the UGW Game. You can now use the Emily 303 as a Sniper Rifle and the M4 as Assault Rifle.

Both are my favorite, as I have played the PUBG Mobile, BGMI, and similar Battle Royale Games. Once you Pre-Register for the UGW Apk you will get a chance to enjoy all these weapons.

UGW Team:

Ojas Vipat CEO


Ujjwal Tigga - VP

Ujjwal Tigga – VP

Arpit Awasthi - VP

Arpit Avasti – VP